Who are we?

We are Tiny House Factory, a company specializing in the production of natural modular Houses for year-round living, combining functionality, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness.

Our homes require no additional assembly or construction work on site. Simply furnish and enjoy. Delivering worldwide, we offer unique solutions for those seeking independence, mobility, and freedom of choice.

Join us and explore the world of tiny homes!

Advantages of Living in Tiny House:

Living in a tiny house offers numerous benefits and unique advantages. Here are some of the key advantages of choosing to reside in our tiny house:


Our tiny house provides an affordable housing option, allowing you to save on upfront costs, monthly expenses, and long-term mortgage payments.

Minimalistic Lifestyle

Embracing a minimalistic lifestyle in our tiny house encourages simplicity, reduces clutter, and promotes mindful consumption.


Our tiny house is designed with mobility in mind. You have the freedom to relocate your home, explore different locations, and embrace a nomadic lifestyle if desired.

Energy Efficiency

With a smaller space to heat, cool, and maintain, our tiny house offers exceptional energy efficiency, resulting in reduced utility costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

Environmental Sustainability

Our tiny house promotes sustainable living by utilizing eco-friendly materials, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing waste generation.

Simplified Maintenance

With less square footage, maintaining our tiny house requires less time, effort, and resources, allowing you to focus on experiences and personal pursuits.


 Tiny houses can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a permanent residence, vacation home, rental property, or workspace.

Creating Tiny House

Discover the process at Tiny House Factory: here, we assemble each home entirely in our production facility. Our company pays special attention to every detail to create high-quality and functional Tiny Houses.

Immerse yourself in our production process and learn how we transform materials into unique dwellings.

1. Wooden Frame

The wooden frame serves as the foundation of every Tiny House module, ensuring durability and structural integrity.

Through meticulous craftsmanship, the base, walls, and roof are skillfully assembled, utilizing high-quality construction timber such as pine or spruce, in strict accordance with architectural plans and industry standards, resulting in a robust and reliable structure.

2. Window and Door Installation

In the production of the Tiny House, we use modern wooden windows and doors with Roto opening systems.

During the installation, we pay special attention to sealing the joints with natural hemp fiber to prevent the formation of thermal bridges and ensure efficient insulation.

3. Laying Engineering Systems

During the production of the Tiny House, we carry out the installation of all necessary utilities according to the project, including electrical, water supply, heating, and sanitation systems. Accuracy is crucial at this stage to ensure the proper functioning of all internal systems.

4. Wrapping the Frame

For cladding the Tiny House frame, we use Wood fiber board known for its thermal and sound insulation. It enhances energy efficiency and fosters a healthy indoor microclimate.

The fitted panels prepare for subsequent insulation by applying cellulose under pressure. It ensures exceptional insulation, minimizing heat loss and maximizing energy conservation.

5. Cellulose insulation

When insulating homes with cellulose, we employ specialized equipment and a pressure-based method. This ensures uniform and dense distribution of cellulose insulation within the enclosed frame, resulting in high insulation efficiency and minimizing potential heat loss.

The use of recycled paper is an environmentally responsible approach to construction.

6. Exterior Finishing

For the exterior finishing of our homes, we utilize modern ventilated facade technologies that create an air gap, providing protection against moisture, improved thermal insulation, and durability. For wall cladding, we offer a choice between wooden boards (painted with environmentally friendly coatings) or metal profiles.

The roofing material is a classic metal roofing covering.

7. Interior Finishing

For the interior finishing of the Tiny House, we provide a choice between clay and wood. Clay possesses excellent thermal and sound insulation properties while aiding in humidity regulation and creating a healthy indoor climate.

Special attention is given to the sanitary areas where we use special Norwegian panels known for their strength and water resistance. For flooring, we offer options such as wooden boards, parquet, and tiles for the bathrooms.

8. Plumbing and Furniture installation

During equipment and furniture installation, we meticulously transform your house into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing home. Our skilled team installs plumbing fixtures, ensuring proper water flow and drainage.

Thorough system checks are conducted to ensure smooth operation and functionality of all installed components, providing you with a hassle-free living experience.

Tiny House Projects

At Tiny House Factory, our modular houses offer the perfect solution, seamlessly combining comfortable living with environmental consciousness.


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