Green life for a greener future and environment is our motto. As we acknowledge the footprint we leave on our planet and as we feel the responsibility for sustaining friendship with nature, we have created houses in which you could feel the comfort of the 21st century, at the same time knowing that by choosing our product you have taken care of the environment.

Our goal is to build houses leaving as little waste as possible and trying to reduce the use of plastic, artificial materials to the maximum, as the utilization or recycling of those would be expensive or near impossible.

In our construction technology we follow the path of nature that embodies techniques that are not new, but over hundreds of ages have proven to be reliable. Such values, together with updated material standards of our century and the compact design, provide that the future maintenance will be cheap and come with ease.

Tiny House Factory houses are built using only natural materials – wood and other products made out of it, for example, CE wood for the main construction, cellulose heat insulation and wood fiber as both – heat insulator and provider of inner microclimate.

For the outside of the house we use a facade that ventilates, and for the finish (siding) we use wood, metal, and fibre cement board, and we are always open to new innovative, but natural materials.

Inside finish is made out of wood, fibre cement board and clay in all the different natural tones that do not ask for additional painting and, at the same time, provides exceptional humidity regulation, heat accumulation and later – release, and the last but not least – clay does not attract dust and smells.

By choosing our houses, you reduce the effect each person has on the environment and provide a better future for your kids and.

Green life for a greener future and environment!