modular house for work


“Here you can focus on your work, think a lot, or relax in order to get back to work again”

Office Box

Total area:

4,86 m²


Office pods offer a high degree of privacy, which can be beneficial for conducting confidential business or taking phone calls.


Office pods can help to minimize distractions and create a more focused working environment.


 Office pods can be used in a variety of settings, including traditional offices, co-working spaces, and even homes.


 Office pods can be added or removed as needed, making them an ideal solution for businesses that are growing or downsizing.

Easy to install

Office pods are relatively easy to install and can be done quickly with minimal disruption to the existing space.


Office pods are designed to be comfortable, ergonomic and can be fitted with temperature control, lighting, and other amenities.

House Frame

The entire roof and wall frame of the house is made of wood C24 (pine).

The size of the beams used is based on strength calculations and to ensure stability of the structure.



Wood fibre board. It is made from 100% wood fibers mixed pressed into dense panels.

Cellulose insulation.  It is made from recycled paper waste.

Exterior finish

Wall finishing – a board painted or treated with eco-friendly compounds for wood (color to choose).

Roofing material – is classik metal roofing covering.

Interior fitting

100% clay without harmful chemical compounds. 16 natural shades to choose from.

or a painted board painted or treated with eco-friendly compounds for wood.


Contact us by any convenient method and get full information about the project. You can ask our company specialists any questions, find out about the cost and possible equipment of the house.

Contract and Payment

After choosing the project, we will sign a contract. The contract will include the purchase conditions, taking into account individual preferences, payment terms, and delivery dates. At this stage, you also make a prepayment of 25% of the total cost.


We manufacture houses in stages: frame, insulation, utilities, and finishing. The production process takes several weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. For each client, we can provide a tour during the house production, and you will be able to see for yourself that we strictly adhere to standards and ensure the quality of the work.

Foundation Preparation

While your house is being manufactured, you need to prepare the foundation for it. We will provide you with detailed instructions and the necessary drawings.

Delivery and Installation

You can organize the delivery yourself or use the services of our partners. This house does not require additional assembly on the site, so the installation process will take 1 day. After the installation is complete, you will conduct a final inspection with the company to ensure that everything is done according to your requirements.

External dimensions - 2,72 x 2,39 m

Height - 2,84 m

Weight - 1 t


You can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful home while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Price list & news​​

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Advantages of purchasing

Ecological materials W

Ecological materials

Ecological focus is a cornerstone of our business. We pay special attention to using environmentally friendly and renewable materials in the production of our tiny modular homes. We aim to minimize our negative impact on the environment and actively incorporate materials such as waste paper and reusable or recyclable wood. For home, we can use Off-Grid systems, taking into account individual needs and resources.

Economy W


"Tiny House Factory" homes do not require additional air conditioning, air recovery, or maintenance costs for unnecessary equipment. You will save on heating costs due to the well-designed insulation system and use of energy-efficient materials. The light construction of the house does not require a massive and expensive foundation, which significantly reduces the time and cost of its construction.

Excellent humidity regulation W

Excellent humidity regulation

A thoughtful wooden frame and natural materials do not require the use of metal profiles and synthetic films, which prevents the formation of condensation and the accumulation of moisture inside the structure and can lead to the development of mold and rot in the wall. This allows us to create homes with excellent moisture control, and our clients can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment that promotes a healthy and quality life.

Efficient use of space W

Efficient use of space

When we create a house project, we pay special attention to the layout, using every square meter of small spaces in a rational way. We create the most comfortable living conditions, and our house projects are thought out to the smallest detail. We believe that even in a small space, it is possible to create a spacious and functional environment, and our homes are proof of that.


Materials that we use

The project will be sent to your email address 

The project will be sent to your email address